"Boyuan 17 years • Sincere music new chapter • Boyuan Youth • Courage" group building activities

issuing time:2023-07-31 05:41

In order to enhance team cohesion and centripetal force and enrich the cultural life of employees, Boyuan Spray carried out a theme group building activity with the theme of "Boyuan 17 years · Sincere Music New Chapter · Boyuan Youth · Courage" in Qingyuan Cowboy Valley Wolf Wei Expansion Camp on July 28.


Arrived at the camp at about 10 a.m., everyone was in high mood, and a smiling face was particularly beautiful and handsome under the sunlight. In the laughter, opened the group to build the ice-breaking action.


Life needs a sense of ritual, work needs a sense of belonging, under the organization and arrangement of the coach, respectively formed 6 teams, respectively, to complete a series of activities such as holding your head high, racing together, happy twist, a sure thing, shifting trees, whack-a-mole.


In the activity, the Boyuan family is full of spirit and dedication, and the game tests everyone's unity, cooperation and flexible response, but also reflects the spirit of Boyuan people's struggle and unyielding.


After the activity, the coach awarded the first place team in the team building activity, and everyone shared the joy of victory.

Happy group building how little a cool summer rafting activities! After tasting Qingyuan chicken and other local specialties, we arrived at the second stop of the group - Qingyuan Gulong Gorge. For this rafting activity, some bring their own water guns, as well as their own bailer, are eager to try to play a lively "war"!


Friends in a kayak down the river, shuttle in the winding river stream, surrounded by green mountains, drifting during the oncoming cool wind and water washed away the heat of summer.


Laughter, screaming one after another, you chased me, splashing in the water.


Gulong Gorge's exciting drift also seems to evoke the childlike innocence of everyone looking for fun, the river along the flow of water you chase me, once in the flat place "collision" without a splashing battle. The splashing water soaked the clothes, but everyone was immersed in happiness.


"The first section of the drift is too exciting, haven't experienced this thrilling feeling for a long time, feel refreshed, thank the company to give our staff benefits, in the future we will take this passion forward, with a more full mental outlook to create brilliant." After the end of the drift, everyone sighed.

The similarities between work, life and team building games are that you can sum up your experience and help you grow. This group building activity has narrowed the distance between colleagues, combined individuals into a closer whole, and made Boyuan Spray a better team. In the future, we will meet the next work with a better face.