Corporate News
"Boyuan 17 years • Sincere music new chapter • Boyuan Youth • Courage" group building activities
2023-07-31 05:41
Boyuan 17 years
Group Building Activities
【 Key Breakthrough 】 13004 Tungsten Steel Core Fan-shaped Nozzle
2023-06-14 05:03
Key Breakthrough
Tungsten Steel
Fan shaped Nozzle
Congratulations on Boyuan Spray became the supplier of COSCO
2023-06-27 04:04
Container Cleaning
Panasonic and Bohara spray signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Tokyo, Japan, to jointly develop China's atomization industry
2023-05-15 08:33
Bohara spray
Tokyo, Japan
Strategic Cooperation Agreement
Boyuan Spray to distribute oil &rice to employees
2023-06-17 11:28
Dragon Boat Festival
Food industry
Welcome Neutrino Experimental Station of Institute of High Energy Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences to visit our company for guidance
2023-06-05 08:47
Neutrino Experimental Station
Care for the health of employees to achieve the future of enterprises
2023-03-10 09:08
Health of employees
The future of the company
Panasonic and Boyuan spray strategic cooperation discussion meeting
2023-02-28 07:37
Boyuan spray
Discussion meeting
Boyuan Spray held a fire safety drill
2023-02-18 08:34
Safety drill
Fire drill
Boyuan spray successfully passed the review of national high-tech enterprises
2022-10-20 04:50
High tech enterprise review
technological innovation
sustainable development
Boyuan spray will start in 2023
2023-02-07 07:55
Happy New Year
Everything is renewed
Chinese Academy of Sciences and Boyuan hand in hand cooperation to ensure quality and quantity to complete the order
2022-10-10 09:54
Academy of Sciences
Boyuan spray
hand in hand cooperation