Spray Distance

More than four meters.


The metal part is 316L; The pot body is made of industrial Nylon Material.


Spray distance up to 4 meters

Increasing humidity can effectively prevent static electricity, help to reduce the defective rate of products, improve production quality

Compared with steam humidification, the operation cost is reduced and energy saving

Provide on-site survey/project design/construction/after-sales services.

Electronic Clean Room

Semiconductor components factory /LCD factory /PCB/IC test factory and other humidity control and static elimination.

Textile Industry

Textile factory humidity control, eliminate static electricity and dust removal, effectively improve the quality of fabric.

Printing Industry

In addition to static electricity/maintain humidity to ensure that the paper does not shrink and deform/does not jam/improve production speed and efficiency.

Tobacco Industry

Keep the relative temperature and humidity, prevent the damage of tobacco leaves, and ensure the moisture content index of tobacco leaves when they are mellowed and stored.

Spraying Industry

Maintain humidity to increase paint adhesion, do not remove paint/paint/drum, dust and eliminate static electricity.

Animal Husbandry

Farm Disinfection/Dosing/Humidification.

Other Industries

Humidification and dust removal, sterilization, disinfection of mechanical parts, spinning industry, warehouse, etc.

Product parameters

Inlet Conn.1/4ThreadBSPT/NPTFlow Rate4.5-5.1L/H
Particle Size8-13MMMaterialMetal part is 316L; The pot body is nylon MaterialStructurePot Body/Nozzle/Pressure Gauge/Pressure Regulator/Inlet Pipe and Water Inlet Pipe


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